How to Choose Sofa for Newly Decorated House

How to Choose Sofa for Newly Decorated House

After getting the new house, the first thing you should do is to buy furniture. As the main seating tool for working, resting and entertaining, sofa is one of the indispensible furniture. Thereare lots of sofas on the market. From material we know the fabric sofa, leather sofa, functional sofa. And from the style, there are modern leisure sofa, European style sofa, neo-classic sofa etc. too many sofas confused us which one is suitable for us.

First, focus on comfort

Modern men stress leisure and quality. For sofa, we should stress the comfort. The seating and leaning surface had better choose the hook surface which suit the psychological structure of human body. Some people want the seating and lying function at the same time. That is, the bed sofa. So they choose the flat sofa. In fact, the flat sofa affects the seating function. For sofa, it should put the seating with comfort as the first criteria.

And experts from remind you that for the old, you should choose the suitable height sofa for them, as the lower sofa is not convenient for them to up and down. For the newlyweds, you had better choose the sofa without hard corners and angles and with deep color, for you have to consider the safety and dirty resistance ability for your future baby.

Second, based on the room size

For small space, you had better buy the small solid wood sofa with wide handrail. In this case, you can save the coffee table to widen the empty space for the room. Second, do not choose the sofa with too bright color. You may choose the sofa with storage space so that it can save some space for you. On the contrary, if your room is comparatively large, you should put large sofa wit coffee table.

Third, coordinate with the decorating style

The style for sofa should match the decorating style, which can show a harmonious beauty in unified style. Besides, if you can unify the material, pattern as well as colors for the same room, it would be much better.

Four, changeable sofa for new feeling

The corner sofa composed by 5 to 7 single sofa has the moveable and changeable function. You may change the lay out or change the position for every short period, which can offer you convenience and fresh feeling. For fabric sofa, you may prepare some more sets of sofa covers so that you can use different cover in different season.

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