Modern Home Designs Trend

Modern Home Designs Trend

Current modern home designs trend dictate a colder and less homey feel to houses now. If you’ve followed that trend to the t- congradulations, your house probably looks great! However, it may be missing that homey feeling that you may feel like is missing from your home, but never fear! We’re here you to give you these three simple steps toward making your house feel as warm as a country cottage. Okay, maybe not that cozy, but we can try.

First, find simple home decor staples that are personalized to your tastes. If you’re having trouble, nice decorate pops of colour can make a huge difference in your home. Some of these staples can range from decorative pillows to throw blankets. These ads a touch of intuitive decor as well as comfort, so when you have guests over they can cozy on up and make it feel like home. Decorative home decor in nice bright colors and designs go really well in spaces with neutral colored designs.

Another way to add a cozy feeling to your home is to add plants. Not only do plants look great in any home, but they also add helpful detoxifying oxygen that will make you feel better. Adding a bit of life is also quite calming to any home and can make a nice decorative stress reliever. If you’re no green thumb there are plants that you can get that require very little attention and can work great in any home. Succulents and other sedum like Aloe Vera are perfect for those who kill every plant they touch.

While you’re making your home comfortable for yourself, why not visit Petco and get your furry friend a comfortable bed and some toys. Making your pet comfortable is important to their happiness, just like yours! And a happy pet also makes your house more cozy.

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