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    Important Pros and Cons of Self Storage

    Self storage continues to grow in popularity, and for good reason. Storage units are quite affordable and allow you to free space in your home and reduce clutter, store business supplies and inventory, evict a room for out-of-town guests or store valuables that you want to transmit. You can save almost anything in automatic storage, […]

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    Three Ways to Create Welcoming Guest Spaces

    Whether you have a guest room or a space where guests stay when visiting, creating a welcoming space where guests will feel comfortable will let them know how much their visit means to you. Here, Palmetto Road Floors, one of the top hardwood flooring store has to offer, shares three ways to create lovely guest […]

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    SCAD Pads – Could You Live in a Tiny House?

    Living in a little home is a reasonable option if you have the land to put it on. It’s not really a question if you live in the country or even the suburbs, but if you’re a city dweller, finding a place to plant a house can be problematic. Enter the Savannah College of Art […]

Floor Sanding and How It Is Done

Sanding wooden floors is one of the best ways you can use to improve the light as well as the warmth of the home. Polishing as well can add fashion and artistic appeal is only done in the right manner. Sanding at most times should be done prior to polishing, because polish can highlight the […]

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