Three Ways to Create Welcoming Guest Spaces

Three Ways to Create Welcoming Guest Spaces

Whether you have a guest room or a space where guests stay when visiting, creating a welcoming space where guests will feel comfortable will let them know how much their visit means to you. Here, Palmetto Road Floors, one of the top hardwood flooring store has to offer, shares three ways to create lovely guest spaces:

  1. Compensate: In rooms that are usually used for other purposes it is important to compensate for any short fallings when guests arrive. Consider how the room will be used when guests are staying and think of ways you can make the room seem more like a private bedroom than an open space, office or den. First make sure all of the comforts for sleep are ready for them. Provide comfy pillows and blankets so they are ready when it is time for bed. Look at the lighting situation and if you only have an overhead light add a small table and bedside lamp so they do not have to try to find there way to the bed in the dark. Consider adding a little more privacy if at all possible by shifting furniture slightly to make them feel less exposed. In offices makes sure you have cleared everything off of the desk and if possible get rid of items such as computers so they have the desk surface available if needed. Add some little welcome kits with soaps, shampoo, towels and wash cloths so they can take them into the bathroom when they wake up in the morning. Day beds are an excellent option in rooms such as dens and offices to provide seating during the day and a bed at night.
  2. Designated Guest Room: Designated guest rooms are far easier to decorate as they come with much needed privacy. Try to avoid using old, sunken mattresses and box springs that will be noisy and uncomfortable. If the room tends to be colder provide a portable heater or at least plenty of nice warm blankets. Make sure the room has proper drapes so that they do not get woken in the morning by ghastly glare and sunlight at an ungodly hour. It is a good idea to have a nice wardrobe or built ins so that if you need the room for storage everything is tucked out of the way. Lighting is important and as above make sure there is at least one bedside table with a lamp so they can read if they wish and they can also turn out the light from bed.
  3. Quiet Time: Look at hotel rooms for inspiration and add a television so they can retreat in the evenings and enjoy a favourite show. Add some interesting books and magazines they can flip through. Place some favourite DVD’s with a DVD player so they can enjoy a movie. If you have two bathrooms offer them their own while they are visiting and share yours with the kids. Stock it with plenty of towels, bath products and magazines so they won’t feel rushed when taking care of their daily routine.

These ideas will make guests feel welcome during their stay while offering some much needed privacy.

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