Tips to Enhance your Yurt Living Experience

Tips to Enhance your Yurt Living Experience

Yurts have become an interesting living option throughout the world as people look for ways to lessen their carbon footprint as well as their cost of living. These tents are designed after the Gers of Mongolia and are designed to provide year round accommodation with a minimalist approach to space and the use of materials. If you are considering purchasing a yurt or already have one there are many ways you can enhance your yurt experience and make it feel more like home. Finding Yurts for Sale is no longer difficult in the UK, but finding good Yurts can be tricky. Be careful about who you buy from. We advise that your Yurt is built in the UK and not imported from Mongolia as Mongolia Yurt are prone to rotting in the UK weather. Here are a few tips to make yurt living more comfortable:


  • Bathroom: Using the facilities is one of the bigger challenges of yurt living but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most permanent homes eventually add a bathroom complete with plumbing if they are able. The concept of an outhouse is not overly appealing to some, yet the structure is far from the outhouse of days gone by. The modern outhouse is designed with comfort and “freshness” in mind and you have a number of options for your toilet facilities including a compost based system. Hot running water is also an option and many people even choose to have a refreshing spa Jacuzzi tub installed. Much of your choices will be based on what access you have and what zoning allows on your property.
  • Outdoor Space: Although a yurt is quite light and spacious you can add additional living space by creating a fabulous deck and surrounding gardens. A deck allows you to enjoy nature and relax for a morning coffee as well as sit out and chat and enjoy the stars in the evening. Some comfortable seating, a fire pit, a few tiki torches and lovely garden views will make your yurt back or front yard the perfect place to have additional place to entertain, spread out and commune with nature.
  • Separation: Families with yurts often consider adding privacy with the addition of old fashioned bedroom screens that allow you to separate without taking away from the open concept feel. Bedroom screens also offer a decorative touch with lovely fabrics or traditional Japanese paper and wood screens.
  • Kitchens: Outdoor kitchens are easy if you have the budget. With electricity you can have ample food storage with a fridge or freezer and even modern amenities such as a microwave indoors. You can then build a stone stove and cook top outdoors and enjoy lovely roasted or grilled food all year round. If Jamie Oliver can do it, so can you.
  • Double Duty Furniture: The best way to take advantage of your space is to opt for double duty furniture. You can custom build a bed cum sofa that also has drawers and selves with bedside tables all in one. This is a traditional furnishing style used in yurts of Mongolia which provide everything you need. They look fabulous as well.

Yurt living has grown in popularity for a number of reasons. Yurts are affordable, eco-friendly and truly comfortable making them a realistic alternative to brick and mortar homes.

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