Why Roof Tile Represents a Tremendous Value for Your Home

Why Roof Tile Represents a Tremendous Value for Your Home

At just $160 million, composite roofing is only a fraction of the size of the overall roofing market. One of the reasons that the market is not larger is that composite roof tile tend to be confined to new construction and replacement roofing in high-end homes that make up some of the world’s luxury communities.

One of the best aspects of using composite roofing is that at just 400 lbs/roofing square it’s much lighter than many other forms of tile, which means that you don’t need to reinforce it with trusses. Hence, this type of roofing offers the traditional ‘old home’ look, but you don’t have to worry about weight issues since it is not a heavy material.

Advantages of Composite Roofing Tiles

There are many benefits to using composite shingles for your home but here are a few of the more compelling reasons you may want to consider using it.

  • Strength – Composite roofing offers much more resiliency than the alternatives, which happen to be made from natural materials. The result is fewer issues on construction sites due to breakage.
  • Easy to Manage – Given that most composite tiles are just a third of the weight of their natural counterparts, contractors have a much easier time installing it.
  • Variety – You can find composite tiles in a nearly endless array of hues, colors, and styles. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that you can find composite shingle to mimic the look of any traditional tile.
  • Aesthetic – Composite shingles are made to resemble natural tiles made from clay, cedar, or concrete tiles. Not surprisingly it’s difficult to tell the difference between a composite roof and a natural one.

The reasons that growing numbers of households are opting to use composite tiles as a roof covering as opposed to natural shingles are many. But at the top of the list is their beautiful appearance, coupled with their ample durability. These two features also explain why homeowners can expect to pay a premium for this type of shingle. However, when you consider the benefits mentioned above it’s certainly worth the cost.

In addition to the fact that composite roofing looks so pleasing, they are also one of the best types of roofing when it comes to resisting extreme weather conditions. Likewise, they’re also known to withstand decay and cracking due to rot.

Hence, whereas most natural shingles are only guaranteed for the first 20 years, you can sometimes find composite tiles that are backed for the first 50 years. Indeed, there are even some that come with lifetime warranties. Wouldn’t it be nice to install a roof knowing that you’d never need to replace it! That’s the beauty of composite shingles.

Additional Benefits

Furthermore, in addition to the benefits mentioned earlier composite shingles offer so many options to homeowners, as it relates to size, pattern, and hue. So, whether you’re a homeowner that likes diamond, rounded, square, or any other patterns you won’t have a problem finding it among your composite tile alternatives; this means that you can practically suit any design taste that you may have if you choose to go with composite roofing for your home.

If you’re concerned that others will be able to look at your roof and determine that you used a synthetic material for your tiles, don’t worry. Even some roofing specialists are unable to distinguish between composite shingles and asphalt or concrete tiles. So, the best part is that you get all of the benefits of using a natural shingle with none of the drawbacks.

Composite Roofing for Your Home

What are you waiting for? If you’re considering replacing your roof or are about to embark on new home construction, composite roofing is the answer. Find a roofer today to handle all of your composite shingle needs.

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